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The eNotes Blog Just How Many Books Are There Googles Massive Project to Count ThemALL

Just How Many Books Are There Googles Massive Project to Count ThemALL Books to the ceiling, books to the sky, / My piles of books are a mile high. / How I love them! / How I need them! / Ill have a long beard by the time I read them.   ~Arnold Lobel Have you ever wondered just how many books are actually out there?   Well, thanks to Googles researchers, now we know: 128,854,790.   (A number, of course, which will continually change.) Googles Herculean effort is aimed at cataloging and indexing all existing books. The goal is to ultimately have every piece of literature in the world digitized and searchable. The project had some prickly problems with which to contend from the beginning, starting with what actually counts as a book.   You can read more about how they arrived at what counts here. Despite the altruism on many levels of Googles meta-project, there are some concerns about having a private company being in charge of all the worlds data.   But their work will accomplish what governments and/or non-profit entities have not been able to achieve:   the free dissemination of data to the masses, one of the biggest changes of access to knowledge since the printing press.

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The Negative Effect of Social Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Negative Effect of Social Media - Essay Example The psychological and social impacts of social media are surfacing as the usage of social media is increasing our lives. Social media impacts on different aspects of our lives including emotional state, identity development and even the direction of our lives in some cases. Of these, the emotional impacts of social media are perhaps the most discussed negative implication. Social media has been criticized for the effects it has on the psychological state of its users. According to Lippy Copeland, ‘Facebook appears to exploit an Achilles heel of human nature’ (Copeland). Social media has created a culture where everything a person does is posted on Facebook. This has become an addiction and a burden for the users. Often users post information that becomes a source of envy or depression for their friends. When users see their friends having fun in their lives, they feel a sense of loneliness or depression. The excitement in the pictures may be fake or just a small part of the friend’s life but it creates a feeling of envy in the user. Even the user’s friends who post happy and exciting pictures online are not immune to the negative effects of social media. Information that a user posts online is being used to develop a profile of the user. This process also referred as data mining is used to develop aggregate information about the user using his social media information across different websites. This information is then sold to employees, insurance companies, and other interested parties. According to Lori Andrews, ‘our application for credit could be declined not on the basis of your own finances or credit history, but  on the basis of aggregate data’ (Andrews). Facebook users, as a result, may be robbed off a certain job because of what they posted online; or their insurance premium may rise when they start showing more interest in dangerous sports. While

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What did Christopher accomplish in his quest of finding the truth on Essay

What did Christopher accomplish in his quest of finding the truth on who killed the dog - Essay Example You also have to understand how machines work and I’m good at understanding how machines work. You also have to be someone who would like being on their own in a tiny space-craft thousands and thousands of mile† quote from chapter 83 Quote 3. â€Å"Mr. Jeavons said that I liked maths because it was safe. He said I liked maths because it meant solving problems, and these problems were difficult and interesting but there was always a uncomplicated answer at the end. And what he meant was that maths wasn’t like life because in life there are no straightforward answers at the end.† Explanation of collage. Pictures from 1 to 5 is the plot of the story from finding the mystery of the dog’s death then going further to the complicated life of Christopher and his discoveries. Being an autistic child, it was hard for him to accept the truth of his father’s lies, and he had to go away to find his place outside of his father’s authority. The story does not end in finding who the real killer was, but in discovering truths hidden from him. Finally, we find Christopher escaping and finding his place in the real world, where he excels in. Justifications for chosen quotation. Quote no. 1 is appropriate as it signals beginning of the story and investigation. Although far from murder, Quote 2 in picture 3 is chosen as it showed Christopher’s desire to get out after he discovered the truths. Quote 3 suggests that he finds solving problems in math easier to do than solving mysteries in life. Then Quote 4 finds Chris dreaming he is alone and finding life easier when those bothering him are gone. Quotes and scenes came from (Haddon,

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Wide Reading Assignment - Sherlock Holmes Essay Example for Free

Wide Reading Assignment Sherlock Holmes Essay This assignment is based on three Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle which are, The Man with the Twisted Lip, The Final Problem, and The Empty House. The aim is to give a full understanding of each story and to give a good idea of why these stories are still as popular today as they were 100 years ago. I will explain this by discussing some of the characters and taking into account the social and historical context. Sherlock Holmes stories are all quite different in their own way because they explore different kinds of crime and characters. Such as in The Man with the Twisted Lip, where they are trying to solve a suspected murder and in The Final Problem they are trying to catch Professor Moriarty for various crimes. These three stories do have some similarities, which are that Sherlock Holmes always solves the crimes and is always the main character. They also involve Dr. Watson, a doctor, who seems to be Holmes companion in solving these crimes. Arthur Conan Doyle has created Holmes character very effectively as in that period in history crime was rife in London and the public were scared and thought the police force were not protecting their community as well as they should. So because Holmes didnt work for the police force and always solved the crimes then he seemed to be like a hero to the public and maybe their fantasy because he kept people safe and they probably wanted so much for him to be real. The readers of Sherlock Holmes in Victorian England showed so much interest that when Doyle tried to end the stories of Sherlock Holmes by killing him in The Final Problem there was a public outcry and Doyle even received death threats because they wanted so much for him to carry on with this character that had caught their attention so vividly. In that time of history there were no televisions or much entertainment at all for the public so that is probably why they got so intrigued by this wonderful character that solved all the crimes. I would describe Sherlock Holmes as a very pompous, confident and intelligent person. He also seems to be quite secretive about his plans such as when he persuades Dr. Watson to go on one of his missions, he doesnt tell him where they are going or what is in store for him and this makes me feel quite anxious for Watson, such as in The Man with the Twisted Lip when he said But Im all in the dark and Holmes answers Of course you are. Youll know all about it presently. I think this is a very significant quality in all of the Sherlock Holmes stories because it gives a sense of mystery for the reader and makes it a lot more interesting. Holmes also has a dark-side to himself, which is displayed when he states: Had I been recognised in that den my life would not of been worth an hours purchase, for I have used it before now for my own purposes.

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Bush Gore :: essays research papers

 · ASHINGTON -- The storm over his campaign finance practices has thrust Al Gore into what his advisers concede is by far the most perilous moment of his political career, leaving his aides scrambling to contain the damage. The growing nervousness results from the announcement last week that Janet Reno, the attorney general, is reviewing whether the vice president's fund-raising activities may have been improper for such a high-ranking official. The inquiry could lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor. His troubles were only compounded this week by fresh disclosures that Gore may have been more immersed in fund raising than he has acknowledged, as well as the disclosure of memorandums suggesting that Gore could have known and should have known that some of his solicitations from the White House were not permitted on federal property. Mounting a drive to keep the fallout to a minimum, Gore's top aides and closest advisers around the country have begun holding conference calls every morning to plot strategy for reacting to the disclosures and, as one participant put it, "get information from outside the bunker" of the White House. While the 15- to 20-minute calls were described as businesslike, another person who takes part observed that some people on the line are always "jittery and over-reactive." The vice president's aides are so sensitive about the political consequences of the current allegations that they have made special efforts to try to root out anti-Gore leakers to the press in the White House. The controversy has also led to some finger-pointing among Gore's advisers over whether his office had been too slow at first to make public the details of his fund-raising practices and then had gone to the other extreme by releasing too many documents at a briefing last week. "Nothing like this has ever happened to the vice president during his career," said Roy Neel, an adviser to Gore for nearly two decades and his first chief of staff in the White House. "He hasn't had damage control to deal with anything of this order." A handful of recent surveys found that Gore's reputation has been tarnished by the controversy. In a Los Angeles Times poll published Friday, only 34 percent of the American public reported a favorable impression of the vice president, compared with 59 percent for President Clinton. Several of Gore's advisers said that while they had thought they could put the hearings behind them, they now believed that there was a strong possibility that Ms.

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Eco-feminism & political and social movement Essay

Eco-feminism can be defined a political and social movement which aims at combining feminism with environmentalism or, in other words, to unite deep ecology with feminist concepts. Actually, I have chosen eco-feminism as it draws relations between women oppression and degradation of nature. Environmental problems are of great concern now along with women equality. Nature is degrading and women’s rights are still discriminating. Therefore, eco-feminism argues that there is a strong link between degradation of women and oppression of women. Eco-feminism also explores the relations between sexism, racism, domination of nature and social inequality. It is known that eco-feminism originates from union of ecological thinkers and feminist which believe that social mentality is to blame for oppression of women and domination of men. It is directly related to abuse of environment. Eco-feminism is claimed to combine bioregional democracy with eco-anarchism. Eco-feminism strongly proclaims the importance of interrelations between humans and animals, human and insects, and the earth. Central idea of the feminism is that men ownership has resulted in dominator culture promoting food export, tragedy of the commons, abusive land ethics, exploitation of people and over-gazing. Land and animals are viewed only as economic resources and eco-feminism aims at fighting such positioning. The primary goal of eco-feminism is to re-define the views on productivity, attitudes of males and females towards nature and animals, as well as to prevent ill-using of animals and insects. The key figures in the development of eco-feminism are Carol Adams, Helene Aylon, Judi Bari, Mary Daly, Monica Sjoo, etc. For example, Carol Adams is interested in relations between feminism and vegetarianism. In her works she wrote that women ahs to abuse their rights to provide men with the best food. Summing up, the primary goal of eco-feminism is to explain associations between degradation of women and degradation of nature. Works Cited Eco-feminism. Available at http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Ecofeminism. Accessed April 20, 2008 List of Feminists. Available at http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_feminists. Accessed April 20, 2008

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Discussion and Notes DVM Essay - 785 Words

DVM1100 sections A B Canada and Challenges of International Development and Globalization Fall 2014, Professor Mahmoud Masaeli The first DGD International Development: ideas, conceptions, definitions, and theories General Issues covered in our classes: 1. Canada as an example of globalization and development a. Have we resolved all problems? Argue No because we still have poverty, inequality, racism, unemployment etc. b. If we have been able to develop ourselves, whether the others can do as well. Rostow says yes if you follow his ideas of the traditional society, the preconditions for take-off, the take-off, the drive to maturity and the age of mass-consumption - Political, social and economic development all play a†¦show more content†¦Development: from national to international a. Causes and reasons for the shift from national to international. Humanitarian considerations, ethics of help, Cold War - fear of communism b. Truman proposal: what is it all about? Helping others solely economically c. Theory of economic growth: who present it? What are the main assumptions, strength, and weaknesses? Walt Rostow - main cause is that developing countries have a traditional society Strengths: Importance of endogenous factors Importance of entrepreneurial spirit Accumulation of capital Science and technology Weaknesses: Disregards the political and cultural differences Negligence of endogenous factors Disregards the structure of international system One size for all Modern/tradition dichotomy End goal is high consumerism d. Dependency theory, its versions and the main assumptions We screwed everyone over through colonies and harvesting resources and selling them as our own and the only reason that we are so developed is because we through other countries under the bus e. Neo-liberalism’s main assumptions, Washington Consensus Set of concrete economic policies for the reform in the economy included: Reducing the role of the state Competition in the market is beneficial Deregulation of markets Consequential welfareism andShow MoreRelated3m - Innovation at 3m Corporation10174 Words   |  41 Pagesincrementalist approach that for so long had pervaded 3M. After all, as Mary Sonnack, division scientist and an internal 3M consultant on the new Lead User methodology, noted â€Å"3M gets so much revenue from incremental products . . . like a blue Post-it note instead of just a yellow one.† Outside the window, the late autumn breeze rippled through the tall Minnesota grass—a seasonal reminder that it had been a year since the group first embarked on the Lead User process (see Exhibit 1). The method, includingRead MoreMcdonald Supply Chain10921 Words   |  44 Pages________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Professor Ray A. Goldberg and Jessica Droste Yagan (KSG 2007) prepared this case. HBS cases are developed solely as the basis for class discussion. Cases are not intended to serve as endorsements, sources of primary data, or illustrations of effective or ineffective management. Copyright  © 2007 President and Fellows of Harvard College. To order copies or request permission to reproduce materials